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Questions & Answers

In this article we collected answers to all questions most of which often interest our clients.

What is generic and why it low in the price?

Generic is the copy of an original product which is issued the known Indian pharmaceutical companies. They always acquire patents, strictly control production, guaranteeing that the structure of each generic is identical to the original. And low price is connected with the fact that these companies should not conduct multimillion advertizing campaigns therefore they manage to save money.

What to do if tablets do not work?

If you buy drug from us, then it cannot simply occur. We are engaged in sale only of the high-quality certified medicines which are produced at the enterprises with use of the latest equipment and modern technology developments. Therefore we guarantee absolute effect. If our buyer is sure that the bought drug still does not work, he has full authority to send us other tablets. We will return money as soon as we receive a parcel.

Who produces drugs?

All generics which are on sale in our Internet drugstore the tablets made in official the Indian pharmaceutical companies. They deliver such drugs to many countries.

Whether there is a products quality assurance?

Our drugstore guarantees high quality of each drug. We always watch that all our products completely conformed to standards and state standards. We also remind clients that some swindlers can be called by the name of drugstores and sell fakes. To distinguish it from quality generic, it is necessary to look at packing. The original product always is in a dense opaque envelope and instructions have to be attached to it.

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  • How it is correct to choose drug?

For buyers who only get acquainted with our products we offer two sets "Start" and "Soft". They contain several types of tablets, having tried which, the person can easily define what drug suits it best of all.

Speaking about effect, it is necessary to focus that each medicine contains the active agent:

  • Viagra - Sildenafil;
  • Levitra - Vardenafit;
  • Cialis - Tadalafil.

Influence of these substances on a body approximately identical, but time necessary for obtaining effect, and duration of action are various. Proceeding from it, it is necessary to choose suitable option.

When any of these three active agents gets to an organism, it creeps away veins, providing normal inflow of blood to generative organs. Besides, drugs delete excessive amount of enzymes of the fifth type which are produced in cavernous bodies. Thanks to it soft muscles of a basin relax, and the penis increases.

What is soft tablets and why they quicker?

Tablets in which name there is a word "software" differ from usual drugs in the fact that they affect an organism quicker and also are compatible to moderate amount of alcohol and greasy food. This effect is reached because these capsules get to blood at once, passing a stomach and intestines. All soft tablets are not swallowed, and are located under language and are soaked up. Exactly there are many small capillaries to which active agent gets. Together with blood it extends on all body, and at once begins the action. Therefore if usual drags need to be drunk on average for an hour before expected sexual intercourse, then the soft pill can be taken in 15-25 minutes.

What else should be known not to do much harm to an organism

There is various dosage for all tablets. Therefore, in cases of easy frustration, you can choose options with the minimum dose of active agent. But for people with serious dysfunction, the maximum approaches more. But before it it is desirable to see a doctor. Also specialists recommend to accept at first a half of a tablet and if the effect is insufficient, drink whole. And do not forget at all that it is impossible to use more than one tablet in 24 hours.