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alcohol and your health

Many people drink at harmful levels

Consequence of alcohol:

How can drugs help people to stop abusing alcohol?
author James C. Garbutt, M.D.

There are drugs which can help people abusing alcohol, stop drinking or refusing drugs.

Abuse of opioids a problem which is tried to be solved by means of medicine is not a panacea, but however works, doctors considered the possibility of use of drugs for treatment of alcohol addiction.

We want people to understand we think AA is wonderful, but there are other options", says George Koob.

Many do not know about medicinal therapy of alcoholism, practicing traditional methods:

  • Communities;
  • Psychological assistance;
  • 12-step programs;
  • Auto-training;

Good practice for fighting against alcohol at early stages. But problems with advance of drugs, and confusion among doctors, create side effect of development and use of drugs for fight against alcoholism. Results From the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions III reports that only 20 percent of the people abusing alcohol ever will be received or a form of treatment which varies from a meeting with the consultant or the doctor before input of the specialized program of treatment. From this follows that 80% dependent on alcohol remain in private with a problem.

Professor James C. Garbutt, M.D. in work of research group of medical faculty of the University of North Carolina, gives results of researches of nootropic drugs with anti-spastic action, these drugs are agonists of GAMK-B-receptors. In too time Disulfiram researches, also known under the Antabuse trademark were conducted. Antabuse is issued both in oral, and in an injection form and has few side effects.

James C. Garbutt, M.D.



UNC Department of Psychiatry.

Office | CB #7160.

Research Interests

My scientific researches include several directions:

  • Alcoholism biology;
  • Development of new psychopharmacological strategy for treatment of alcoholism;
  • Interrelation between preference and alcoholism;

In cooperation with doctor Alexey Kampov from the Center of studying of alcoholism we expanded the observation made on animals that preference of alcohol and thirst for sweets are closely connected with each other, studying sweet preferences at alcoholic male. People can be divided into sweet teeth and a discourse, based on subjective reactions to increase in concentration of sugars. We showed that 65% of alcoholic male without considerable diseases of a liver or pancreas can be classified as sweet teeth, in comparison with 16% of not alcoholic men of similar age.

Key moment of efficiency of Disulfiram

Drugs can be effective at treatment of alcoholism, it is confirmed by data, it will lead to improvement of health. Nevertheless, only medicinal therapy is insufficient at treatment of AUD, thus, giving opportunities for treatment optimization expansion. This summary of the systematic overview estimating efficiency, comparative efficiency and side effects of drugs at adults with AUD. The systematic overview included 167 articles published from January 1, 1970 to October 11, 2013.

Background, statistics

Scientific term "alcohol intake disturbance" (AUD). Generalizes such concepts as "harmful alcohol intake", "alcohol abuse" and "alcohol addiction". In the new edition "The diagnostic and statistical guide to mental disorders (DSM-5), such concepts as "alcohol abuse" and "alcohol addiction" are not considered as various concepts anymore and are designated together as AUD. Modern statistics specifies. It is revealed that lifelong AUD among adults in the United States in 2012 and 2013 made 13.9 percent (32.6 million people) and 29.1 percent (64.5 million people), respectively. During the period from 2006 to 2010 in the United States on average there were about 85,000 death.

Estimates show that 1 of 3 patients with AUD receive treatment, and less than 1 of 10 patients receive pharmacotherapy within the treatment. The drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA for treatment of AUD - Antabuse.

And also, the research proves decrease in medical expenses among the patients receiving treatment of AUD in comparison with the patients receiving treatment without it.