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Consequence of alcohol:

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The delay of oxidation of ethyl alcohol at a stage of acetic aldehyde causes accumulation it and development of intoxication.

Disulfiram Efficacy in the Treatment of Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholism affects of people in the uk

Despite success in treatment of alcoholism at patients under observation, many years the efficiency of Disulfiram was questionable. Often researches did not recognize key factor in Disulfiram researches.

Often plans of researches did not recognize key factor in Disulfiram researches, importance of open design. Our purposes: (1) to analyses efficiency and safety of Disulfiram in RKI with assistance of abstention and (2) to compare blind and open researches, assuming that blind researches do not show differences between Disulfiram and control group as threat to be distributed evenly on all groups.

Blind researches were not able to distinguish a difference between groups of treatment and, thus, are incompatible about Disulfiram of researches. Based on results of researches with the open label, Disulfiram is safe and effective treatment in comparison with other pharmacological methods of treatment supporting by abstention or without Disulfiram in controlled researches for problems of an alcohol abuse or dependence.

Alcohol Consumption UK

7 5m UK Alcoholics

Antabuse – the medicine, widespread in UK, used at treatment of alcoholism. In normal conditions ethanol in an organism turns into acetic aldehyde which, respectively, quickly turns into acetic acid and is removed from an organism. A Disulfiram prevents transformation of acetic aldehyde into acetic acid therefore in an organism begins to collect big amounts of acetic aldehyde. Acetic aldehyde makes even in small amounts sick, vomiting (risk of injury of a gullet), burning and also short wind – so-called "reaction of Antabuse.

The rating of the countries of the world on level of consumption of the alcohol expressed in liters of pure ethyl alcohol per capita. It is calculated by a technique of World Health Organization — special facility of the United Nations system which main function consists in public health care of the world and the solution of the international problems of health care.

Alcohol — ethyl alcohol, ethanol, the most widespread in Europe, Russia, North America, a part of the states of Asia the substance of narcotic action making depressive impact on a nervous system. It is widely known as the significant component causing behavioral scenarios of people from the earliest stages of evolution of society. The ability of alcohol to cause a condition of euphoria in the person, to veil cares and to form the accompanying illusory representations already in an extreme antiquity was perceived by people as the property is unconditional sacral type. The invention of the procedure of distillation of alcohol during an era of the Middle Ages allowed to strengthen considerably extent of its impact on mentality of the person.

Systematic researches of a medical, sociological and psychological order of those deformations in society which are caused by mass excess alcohol intake began with the middle of the 19th century. Now the level of consumption of alcohol is considered one of three most priority problems in the field of public health care on a global scale. In spite of the fact that in general alcohol is taken only by a half of the population of the planet, it is the world's third major factor of risk of diseases and premature death — after tobacco smoking and high arterial blood pressure. The rating of the countries of the world on level of consumption of alcohol is updated time in several years and published in a special series of editions of World Health Organization about situation with the alcohol and health which is released within the Global Information System on Alcohol and Health program, Great Britain takes the 18th place. However there are differences between alcohol intake in Great Britain and alcohol intake in the USA. The USA takes alcohol 2.5 times more.

Side effects of the substance Disulfiram

  • Perception of Disulfiram: metal taste in a mouth, exceptional cases of hepatitis, a polyneuritis of the lower extremities, an optic neuritis, memory loss, confusion of consciousness, an dynamic, a headache, skin allergic manifestations;
  • Concomitant use Disulfiram and ethyl alcohol: cases of respiratory insufficiency, cardiovascular collapse, disturbance of a heart rhythm are described; stenocardia, sometimes — a myocardial infarction and also neurologic frustration; wet brain, consciousness oppression, up to a coma;
  • At alcohol intake in the quantity exceeding 50–80 ml against the background of reception of Disulfiram heavy disturbances of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, hypostases, spasms can develop (therapy desintoxication, introduction of analeptics, performing symptomatic therapy is necessary);
  • Complications at long reception: seldom — similar to an alcoholic nervous breakdown; hepatitis, gastritis; at the patients having cardiovascular diseases thrombosis of vessels of a brain therefore at complaints to paresthesia in extremities and area of the person it is necessary to cancel drug immediately is possible; aggravation of a polyneuritis.
  • Is Antabuse bad for your liver?

If the patient suffers from a severe form of a disease of a liver, there is very small risk of a complication of a disease, Disulfiram leaves an organism within 75 hours, before it – blocks the enzymes which are responsible for ethanol assimilation. As a result alcohol intake causes negative reactions at the physical level. For the entire period of effect of drug the negative impact on a liver does not refuse. Does harm of a liver much more – excessive alcohol intake.

How long will the disulfiram reaction last?

The initial dose makes 800 mg/days within several days. The maintenance dose makes 100–200 mg/days or 400–800 mg two times a week. The doctor has to define a course of treatment or other a dosage, for example, administration of drug if necessary. Time of action remains on all course of treatment drug.

What foods to avoid when taking disulfiram?

Exception is only products the containing alcohols, and nonalcoholic beer.

How do you take disulfiram?

Independent treatment by the Disulfiram, without observation of the doctor – frequent practice suffering from alcoholism. The decision to begin treatment, or better to say – to develop disgust for alcohol, this family or individual decision, those who really wants once and for all to stop drinking, accept more often than the doctor, behind meal and recommends every day. Long process of impact of drug on an organism does not cause significant changes, except permanent development - refusal of alcohol.

On the Internet there is a set of responses of real true-life stories of those who decided to stop drinking, or solved for them. There pass years, new researches of drugs from alcoholism are published, there is invariable only an effect of the drug Avodart.

Can you overdose on disulfiram?

The combination of overdose of Disulfiram and ethyl alcohol (generally in suicide attempts) is followed by confusion of consciousness, collapse, coma, neurologic complications. the lethal dose for the person makes about 30 g.

Use of Disulfiram can be followed by the expressed side effects therefore resort to it only at inaccessibility or inefficiency of alternative methods of treatment. Before an initiation of treatment Disulfiram of the patient subject to careful medical inspection. In the absence of contraindications explain it sense of therapy and warn about danger of alcohol intake during treatment.

At heavy Disulfiram - alcoholic reaction lasting 1.5 h (a severe headache with feeling of a pulsation, sharp difficulty of breath, considerable decrease in the ABP, confusion of consciousness, psychomotor excitement, spasms) in/in 15–20 ml of 1% of water solution methylene blue, p / to — Nikethamidum or camphor, in oil — Cytitonum or lobeline enter; carry out an oxygenotherapy.

The polyneuritis which arose at use of Disulfiram, as a rule, passes at purpose of vitamins of group B.