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alcohol and your health

Many people drink at harmful levels

Consequence of alcohol:

Alcohol abuse, red wine, sleep duration

Wine for sleep

One of the widely disseminated and popularly loved belief is that red wine helps with blood renewal and to maintain heart health. This is said, it is important nodding your head as an axiom that does not require proof. And few people know that alcohol contained in wine is not a preventive measure at all. There is only one useful property of alcohol: to kill all living things, otherwise - to sterilize. Food, getting into alcohol, become unfit for consumption, curtail, oxidize, and this is associated with another myth that alcohol causes appetite. In fact, our stomach, having received a portion of alcohol-spoiled food, signals that there is nothing for processing, and requires new food, and all this mass goes further on the esophagus to somehow get out of the body. Hence the slackness of the oesophagus and the load on the liver and much very unpleasant while we have fun. By the way, because of the improper operation of the hypothalamus affected by alcohol. After all, alcohol contained in alcoholic products, has in addition to toxic effects, narcotic effect.

But it's all a retreat. Red wine contains one really useful component - (antioxidant), which has a healing effect. To get it, it would be enough just to eat grapes. But what a wonderful and beautiful reason to drink would be wasted!

In general, if you take a little break from the topic, I would like to say this. Everything that is written here serves only to ensure that those who read it have the right information, and not listen to the myths and tales of drinkers and producers of alcohol - whatever it is. But, unfortunately, people tend to pay attention only to those facts of research that are in tune with their way of life and justify their habits and preferences. As a rule, there is no time and desire for everything else - until health can no longer cope with the loads.

Ethyl alcohol has a toxic effect. It is quickly absorbed through the mucosa of the stomach and small intestine, reaching maximum concentration in the blood after 20-60 minutes after its intake, causing first arousal and then sharp depression of the central nervous system (including destroys brainmembrane its use leads to the violation of the most important functions of the body, severe damage to organs and systems. It has an embryotoxic and teratogenic effect.

Alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, larynx, chest and liver. The risk of developing breast cancer in women increases by 25% if the consumption of wine is two glasses a day. It is understood that the glass contains 150 grams. Do not "collect" the weekly norm and use it at weekends.

Wine before going to bed will help you fall asleep

Do you turn around at night? Because of stress at work, feasts the day before or any chronic disease... Remember, you're not alone in this. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are suffering from sleep problems, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. For many, alcohol is an affordable and often used way to mute this ailment.

Numerous studies show that evening booze allows you to fall asleep a little faster. And all thanks to the sedative (calming) effects of alcohol, the intensity of which depends on its level in the blood. However, several other studies also prove that people develop immunity to this beneficial effects within literally three days. That is, over time, the body needs more and more alcohol to make this most soothing effect manifest. And this is a direct path to alcohol addiction, as you can guess.

However, a lot also depends on what exactly you drink. In 2006, the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture published a study claiming that some grape varieties are rich in melatonin. That is the hormone that controls sleep.

It turned out that one of the eight varieties of grapes studied, Nebbiolo, contains the highest amount of melatonin,

  • 0.965 nanograms per gram of grape skin ng/g
  • Italian varieties Croatina 0.87 ng/y and Barbera 0.63 ng/g are followed
  • Caberne Franc, for example, was poor with this same hormone only 0.005 ng/g

However, this article did not claim that a glass of wine before going to bed is preferable to, say, a sip of another whiskey or the same stack of vodka.

As the glass of wine before going to bed cannot allow to have a rest

Though the glass of wine or other alcohol will also help you to fall asleep, you cannot enjoy this dream fully. Researches show that if to drink slightly more moderate quantity, alcohol surely will begin to influence a so-called phase of a REM sleep during which the person sees dreams with preservation of some memories of them. That is excess of this most reasonable level is not really useful and will surely affect the first half of night.

But afterwards it is still worse. The work published in 2015 under the name "Alcoholism:" showed clinical and pilot studies that drunk the day before had more long phase of a slow dream or so-called "deep sleep", and come before usual. And a few hours later they observed interruption of a dream and, in principle, bigger quantity of prosypaniye. And they also long could not fall asleep again.

Monitoring of electric impulses of a brain showed that at drinking the day before in the second half of night the alpha delta the dream was observed so-called "". It means that the alpha waves (connected with quiet wakefulness) and the delta waves (connected with the deepest phase of a dream) were shown at observed at the same time. Doctor Christian Nicholas conducting this research from the University of Melbourne explains this phenomenon with the fact that alcohol prevents an organism to restore forces during night rest.

These not most useful phenomena in the second half of night occur just in the course of digestion of alcohol an organism. This phenomenon carries the name "effect of refusal or resuming of symptoms". During the first half of night the body arranges phases of a REM and slow sleep under alcohol presence to maintain the normal nature of night rest in general. Quite so this problem is explained by specialists in dream medicine doctor Timothy Roers and Thomas Roth in article published by National Institute of Problems of the Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism.

As soon as alcohol is acquired (within 4-5 hours at the moderate number of binge), the organism is too sharply reconstructed, passing to easier phases of a dream or at all forcing to wake up. Just therefore after a long night wine party everyone can wake up too early moreover and feel finally well-rested.

As the glass of wine and in general alcohol influence a sleep disorder

According to doctor Ilen Rosen, the president of the American Academy of Medicine of the Dream, alcohol influences people with a sleep disorder differently, than healthy. For example, to the people having insomnia, the effect of a glass of wine or a small dose of other alcohol very to liking weakening in the evening.

However and in their cases the immunity to this influence therefore doctors never recommend to such patients a glass - another wines in the evening can quickly develop. It is more than that, such people quite often take the special drugs that it is banal to fall asleep. And alcohol can be in that case dangerous, and even is deadly.

Doctor Rosen specializing in an apnoea syndrome (a sudden apnoea in a dream), also claims that alcohol can create trouble breathing during sleep. Suffering from an apnoea at all it is forbidden to drink in the evening. It is more than if you or your relatives notice the raised snore or pauses in breath after alcohol acceptance in the evening, surely see a doctor.

Red or white wine before going to bed is so possible?

The sleep disorder results in the increased drowsiness during the day and weak efficiency, in principle. And so if you so love wine, then you should not drink it too late, that is before the campaign in a bed. Advantage of it any.

It is possible to drink a glass - another wines, but at least hour for 3 before preparation for night rest", - Ilen Rosen says.

Though all these figures still in many respects depend on the weight of the drinking and his metabolism. At some alcohol is acquired slightly quicker.

However if you do not have these hours, and you suddenly drank shortly before withdrawal for sleeping, nevertheless there are some recommendations which will allow to level this not best situation. According to doctor Camilo Ruiz from the Center of studying of the dream located in Fort Lauderdale, the State of Florida, the USA it is necessary to acquire first of all in itself a habit of the correct night rest. According to her: "Many within working week sleep less at attempt everything to get on well at work, to cope with household chores and so on. And during week-end try to sleep that time that stole from themselves. But so the dream will not have the useful and restoring effect".

Doctor Ruiz also advises to muffle light in the evening as bright lighting breaks a circadian (biological) rhythm of an organism. Roughly speaking, at bright light you will be necessarily in a certain tension, and from it it will be heavy to fill up subsequently. Therefore if so there is a wish to enjoy wine in the evening, at least draw curtains, muffle light, switch off the TV and switch-off constantly ringing phone. So withdrawal to a healthy sleep will be simpler and more effective.

It is also extremely desirable to provide a cool and, whenever possible, complete darkness in your sleeping space. And to solve a possible problem with foreign sounds, for example, from noisy neighbors, domestic animals who want to work something there at night, or the snoring partner. Only this way it will turn out to sink into the deep sleep giving the most complete recovery and rest.

And at last, do not forget about moderation. One-two glasses of good wine will allow you to relax perfectly in the evening. Both soul and body. But if so there is a wish to drink more, then it is possible to forget about the useful, healthy and restoring dream. It is the fact!

How to drink wine regularly and not become an alcoholic

Residents of the Mediterranean countries easily drink a glass of red wine at lunch and dinner, or even not one at a time. And the Internet is full of articles about the benefits of regular consumption of this drink. Whether this is really true, Mikhail Chistyakov, ph.d., a physiologist, tells us.

It is worth noting at once that the consumption of red wine (as well as other types of alcohol) can occur for several reasons: in order to quench hunger or thirst as a food product, in order to relieve depression or raise mood as a medicine or else to avoid reality as a psychoactive substance.

If you look at the composition of red wine, it includes: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, alcohol, macro- and micronutrients, as well as flavonoids, resveratrol and tannins. Most of these substances are found only in red wine (in white - no) and is biologically active substances (like hormones).

150 ml of dry red wine contains:

  • 0, 11 grams of proteins;
  • 127.5g water;
  • 16 grams of alcohol;
  • Glucose and fructose - 0.3 g.

There are no fats. Also in the wine are:

  • 190 mg potassium;
  • 12 mg calcium;
  • 18 mg magnesium;
  • 0.7g iron;
  • 0.2 mg zinc;
  • 0.3 mg selenium.
  • How much red wine can i drink without harming your health?

The allowable doses for Russians are on average 250 ml and 150 ml per day for men and women, respectively. With some reservations - up to 1400ml of red wine per week, with a pause of at least two days without alcohol for men and up to 1000ml of red wine for women the same with a two-day break during the week.

What happens in the body of the average Russian when drinking an acceptable amount of red wine?

Low doses of alcohol improve blood microcirculation, alcohol in low doses acts as an antidepressant. Flavonoids are essential substances in the human body and affect the body's basic metabolism as hormones. Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory and antitumor compound, resveratrol also has antitumor activity and affects life expectancy, increasing it.

Reasons why Russians drink red wine.

Unfortunately, we must admit that in our country most often wine is used as a psychoactive substance and in much larger doses than acceptable. Thus causing an overdose and harmful effects not only of alcohol, but also overdose of wine components. For example, iron, which is abundant in red wine, is deposited in the liver, thereby impairing its function. Hence, problems with the whole body quickly appear. Remember what looks like the face of a lover of red - red such! They say that health at least be a little, but in fact it's just wine poisoning. The appearance of vascular nets on the body, wine and similar stains - all from abuse.

How to protect yourself from abuse? The answer is not to drink!